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Question: With the outbreak of swine flu, is pork still safe to eat?

Answer: Pork is as safe as ever to eat. The World Health Organization and 3 other international groups support this stance. 

Question: Can people who want to lose weight include pork in their eating plans?

Answer: As pork has very little intra-muscular fat, it is ideal for slimmers and heart-health conscious people. The fat on any pork cut is all on the outside, making it very easy to trim the visible fat off, resulting in a really lean cut. Use 10-15ml of olive oil to sauté the pork until just cooked (not overcooked) and add any of your favourite herbs, spices or sauce to add taste and flavour.

Question: Is it true that pork has to be cooked for a long time to make it safe to eat?

Answer: It is not true at all. Modern pork is often cooked until it is “medium done” or at the most, medium to well-done. Overcooked pork is dry and this is totally unnecessary. Modern South African Pork is 100% protected by strict Quality Assurance systems to ensure that it is safe and healthy, and can be eaten when cooked to a medium or well-done stage.

Question: Where can I buy lean pork mince?

Answer: You can order lean pork mince from any good butchery or supermarket meat counter. Keep in mind that you might have to order it a day in advance or maybe a few hours before you collect it from the butchery. Ask for pork mince from a leg or any other cut with minimal fat on it.