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Today’s pork is proudly produced in South Africa according to the highest standards of health and hygiene. Commercial pigs are fed scientifically on a 100% grain-based diet of the best quality. This ensures that consumers are guaranteed a delicious, wholesome food that compares proudly with the best in the world.

Know your facts

Today’s educated consumers stay up to date with the latest news about fresh pork and good nutrition. Fresh pork in South Africa is a modern, nutritious and 100% safe meal choice.
Quality assurance systems from the farm to your fork provide a guarantee of excellence and food safety. Pork is the world’s no 1 choice. In most countries with a well developed pork production industry, pork is the most frequently enjoyed meat on the menu. Pork is a white meat with very little fat inside the lean muscle fibers.

It’s easy to trim pork to your preference. Where there is fat on a pork cut, all the fat sits on the outside, making it easy to remove or trim to a thin layer. In this regard it is similar to chicken, where most of the fat is contained in the skin of the chicken. A fairly thin layer of fat (up to 3mm) will provide great taste and juiciness to any pork cut, and can be enjoyed in moderate amounts.

To ensure you use the cuts approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, look out for the following cuts in the meat cabinet of your favourite butchery or supermarket.



if you don’t see it

ask for it!

Pork loin, rib, neck of
chump chops
Roasts made from the leg
or shoulder of porkwith a fat
layer of 3mm or less
Pork shanks
(delicious for potjiekos, curries and stews)
Pork fillets (these have no fat) Stir fry pork strips
with no visible fat
Pork loin steaks.
An elegant cut, low fat
and easy to cook
Pork goulash or cubes of pork,
without visible fat.
These are especially good for
making your own kebabs.
Pork mince with a very
low fat content.